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Kelley Kagele

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I can help you achieve your goal: improving your confidence in speaking English and I promise you will notice the difference after the first session. I’m a native English speaker and a TEFL-certified English teacher. I’m from the USA and have university degrees in business management from the USA. I have lived in numerous countries across the world including Germany, Holland, Panama and now here in Poland for the last 8 years and have gained insight into many different industries: sales,law, tourism, medical and education.

Are you bored of grammar and textbooks? Well, no worries. I not only use textbooks but I think "unplugged" teaching is the best and easiest way to learn English. Let’s have lots of conversation, cooking, crafts and games to help you practice your English with hands-on activities! You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity!

I have extensive experience in teaching business, as well as general English. I have taught all ages and levels here in Poland the past 6 years. I have taught at language schools and International schools in Bydgoszcz. I currently a full-time English preschool teacher in Ciele where I have developed my own curriculum. I am also a certified Teddy Eddie English teacher in Bydgoszcz.

Some of my past students are: IT programmers, engineers, managers,doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professional backgrounds. I helped them all to become BETTER and MORE CONFIDENT in English. I use a wide variety of teaching material….from my custom made lessons, to a wide range of up-to-date and engaging material. I use film clips, documentaries, newspapers, online educational portals, newspapers and journals.

So if you want to have that EDGE for your job interview I can help you. Do you need to understand more business material at work? I can help you gain the knowledge! Or do you want to improve your speaking skills when you’re going on your next holiday? No problem, with my methods and approach you WILL make progress and ACHIEVE your goals!

Learning a language is often challenging, and only through continuous practice can you make serious progress. Through our 1-on-1 conversations or group lessons you will be able to get the edge, and become a truly great communicator. I will give you the confidence to master English.

I’ve helped students with interview skills, negotiation scenarios, mock telephone calls, email writing, small talk. All the things you will need to gain the advantage in your career or personal life.

English is the global language no matter what industry you’re in or where you live. So let me give you the ADVANTAGE so you can take that next OPPORTUNITY for a better job and a better life!

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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08.2004 - 06.2008
Park University
Business Management
08.2008 - aktualnie
Park University
Business Management
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05.1992 - aktualnie
Previous work experience includes a little bit of everything from living in 9 different cities in 4 different countries in the past 24 years. Dental assistant Red Cross CPR/1st Aid insturctor(my own company) Lifeguard/swimming insturctor as well as a national YMCA trainer for both in the USA Day Care director YMCA Executive Director (200+ employees and a budget of 2million zloty yearly) Cake Decorator making all kinds of American cakes and pasteries as well as teaching lessons(my own company) Chairman of the American Girl Scout program in The Netherlands, part of Germany and Belgium Waitress, house cleaner and a few other odd jobs AND now for the past 4 years....English teacher!!!

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13 września 2018

ogloszenie wprowadza w blad . Wcale nie mozna zamowic lekcji indywidualnych bo szkola nastawiona jest na lekcje grupowe.

Kelley Kagele Szkoła Języków Obcych „My English Language Center”


I am sorry that you feel this way. I am not if you talked to me in regards to private lessons. Over half my schedule is private lessons, so I do many private lessons 6 days a week. Also currently on my private lesson request list I do not have a "Jan" on it as I keep a list of my requests. I still do have a couple of times available, so maybe if you did call unfortunately the times you wanted I was already full.

24 maja 2017

1 mln stars if possible.
Kelly is the best person I met! ;)
She puts a lot of effort into her translations and editorials. She is able to do it fast, cheap and professionally. I recommend her to everyone. You can see she is putting all her heart into that and the results are tremendous. !

1 milion gwiazd dla Kelly ;)
Kelly jest super osobą bardzo miła i uprzejma. Bardzo szybko, tanio i profesjonalnie zrobiła dla mnie tłumaczenie. Zdecydowanie polecam. Ma dużo pozytywnej energii i szanuje wszystkich swoich uczniów. :) Dokłada starań by tłumaczenia i edycje były napisane jak najlepiej, widać, że wkłada w to całe swoje serce :)

Po dodaniu opinii nie będzie możliwa jej edycja, dlatego upewnij się, że wypełniłeś/aś prawidłowo wszystkie pola.

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